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The Charleston Assassin

Ghostly encounters and a string of murders rattle Charleston, S.C.

Charleston's customary charm falls victim to a rash of ugly murders, and Detectives Pete Nazareth and Tara Gimble find themselves in the crosshairs.  

The Kirov Wolf

An assassin prowls New York City and terrorists attempt to plant a nuclear bomb under Central Park.
An assassin is killing Russian dissidents in New York City.  Spies, terrorists, and traitors are on the loose.  

Eyes in the Cave

The world's most dangerous man escapes to Mount Desert Island.
The world's most dangerous man has escaped.  Beauty meets terror in idyllic Acadia National Park.

Sailing the Gates of Hell

A young American woman is kidnapped from a cruise ship by sex traffickers.

Heaven turns to hell when a young woman is kidnapped from a cruise ship off the Alaskan coast.  No one comes back from where she's going.


Someone is murdering widows.  The killer believes he's doing God's work in this NYPD thriller.
The police call it murder.  He calls it God's will.  Two NYPD detectives track a serial killer who is just getting warmed up. 

Hunting in the Zoo

A killer stalks the top U.S. presidential candidate.  An NYPD detective thriller.

The top Republican presidential candidate is in a serial killer's crosshairs, and the two detectives have their hands full in the most complex case of their careers.  

Noblest Love

English nobles struggle to maintain "the old way" in Tonbridge and Maidstone.

Two English noblemen cross paths with a bumbling high school teacher from Iowa, and Britain will never be the same.  Noblest Love is a humorous satire in the rich tradition of Evelyn Waugh, Joseph Heller, and Kurt Vonnegut.

King of the Vultures

A noble character and thrilling basketball action make this novel by Alastair Flythe a great read.

An extraordinary young man from Cameroon is about to change basketball and tiny Hickston College forever.  Winston Churchill Mbongo is the real deal.

Hollow-Point Diplomacy


Iran and Russia conspire to annihilate Israel.  Black-ops agent Travis Delta is the only thing that could get in their way.

The Jericho Option


Black-ops agent Travis Delta is hunting domestic terrorists in this stunning follow-up to HOLLOW-POINT DIPLOMACY.

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