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"Fact-based fiction for our times."

Top-rated novels you won’t want to put down.

R.H. Johnson books available from Hampton, Westbrook Publishing

Author Russ Johnson has written seventeen novels, including ten in the NYPD Detective Pete Nazareth crime series and five in the Travis Delta black-ops series. The books are works of fiction, but they have a ring of authenticity derived in part from his military, private-sector, and consulting experiences.

When not writing crime fiction, he writes humorous satire under the pen name Alastair Flythe.

Russ lives in Kennebunk, Maine, and Princeton Junction, NJ.

moscow ebook cover

   A rogue U.S. president has a dark secret and a Russian master. Learn more. Amazon.   

sanibel bones ebook cover

   There's big trouble in paradise when people begin vanishing on Sanibel Island. Learn more. Amazon.   

mountains will fall ebook cover

   Terrorists hope to usher in the End Times with stolen nuclear weapons. Learn more. Amazon.   

fear river ebook cover

   A murderer is on the loose in a small Thousand Islands town, and two NYPD homicide detectives are on the case.  Buy it now at Amazon.   

china cover ebook

A rogue space operation threatens the United States in this frightening geopolitical thriller.  It's black-ops agent Travis Delta versus China.  Buy it now at Amazon.

0d81683c-6d3e-4c0a-98c5-7eb3ca38a894bermuda terror working cover

The Bermuda Terror

Hell invades paradise in this taut thriller featuring NYPD homicide detectives Pete Nazareth and Tara Gimble.

The Charleston Assassin

Charleston's customary charm falls victim to a rash of ugly murders, and Detectives Pete Nazareth and Tara Gimble find themselves in 
the crosshairs.

The Kirov Wolf

An assassin is killing Russian dissidents in New York City. Spies, terrorists, and traitors are on the loose.

Eyes in the Cave

The world's most dangerous man has escaped. Beauty meets terror in idyllic Acadia National Park.

Sailing the Gates of Hell

Heaven turns to hell when a young woman is kidnapped from a cruise ship off the Alaskan coast. No one comes back from where she's going.


The police call it murder. He calls it God's will. Two NYPD detectives track a serial killer who is just getting warmed up.

Hunting in the Zoo

The top Republican presidential candidate is in a serial killer's crosshairs, and the two detectives have their hands full in the most complex case of their careers. 

Noblest Love

Two English noblemen cross paths with a bumbling high school teacher from Iowa, and Britain will never be the same. Noblest Love is a humorous satire in the rich tradition of Evelyn Waugh, Joseph Heller, and
Kurt Vonnegut.

King of the Vultures

An extraordinary young man from Cameroon is about to change basketball and tiny Hickston College forever. Winston Churchill Mbongo is the real deal.

Hollow-Point Diplomacy

Iran and Russia conspire to annihilate Israel. Black-ops agent Travis Delta is the only thing that could get in
their way.

The Jericho Option

Black-ops agent Travis Delta is hunting domestic terrorists in this stunning follow-up to HOLLOW-

9224c76e-7a0d-4ddc-be73-5ce955b212ebmeasure of revenge new cover

A Measure of Revenge

A madman is murdering New York City’s immigrants, and NYPD Detectives Pete Nazareth and Tara Gimble join a deadly game of kill or be killed.


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